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There is a multi-purpose hall that can be used by any of the residents together with their families as well as a fully landscaped playground in which children can be able to play in. The property has a grand entrance which is fully landscaped. There is also a wide road that is easily accessible to the residents of the property. There is a provision for a commercial lot that has been made available. Examples include, A convenient store,A pre-school,A drug-store. There are PDS service vehicle services that have been provided. There is a centralized water system which has been built on the property so as to ensure that the property always has water. There is a basketball court that can be converted to either a tennis court or a badminton court. There are complete drainage and electrical facilities. There is a tree lined road that leads to the property which has street lights for security.


There is readily available power as mentioned earlier provided by the Batangas II Electric Cooperative (Batelec II). There is also the Tanauan water district which is the one that is going to be operating the water system of the Plantacion Del Sol.

  • Fully Landscaped GRAND ENTRANCE
  • Basketball Court  (convertible to Badminton and Tennis Court)
  • Landscaped  Playground and open space Multi- Purpose Hall
  • Wide Road
  • Tree-lined Main Road with Street Light
  • Complete Electrical and  Drainage Facilities
  • Provision for Commercial Lot 
  • Convenient Store
  • Pre-school
  • Drug store
  • Centralized Water System
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